Connection vs Engagment #socialmedia

Almost everyday I am asked by young entrepreneurs in various industries how can they get more Facebook likes, or twitter followers, etc.  There are plenty of webinars, by solo entrepreneurs in  creating marketing plans for Facebook or Instagram etc which usually in the ends talks about using the ads system of reach respective social media platform and registering for their classes etc.

Nothing is wrong with this, but usually as you read or hear them a big part of you reacts by feeling- well this is common sense I knew this.

But does it really matter how many likes/followers you have versus how many clients/fans etc you have?  What is the point of having 5000 likes and 1 like being converted into dollars? An online presence requires so much time and energy; as a business man (woman) your time is valuable. everything you do has a price to it; so might as well make sure your presence gives you the ROI that you need.

Convert your likes into dollars by the simple and forgotten method of “consumer” engagement. If you have 5 likes engage with them- post content that creates a conversation, reply to every comment or message,  write on other’s blog/Facebook ,tweet etc This not only helps you build your online brand but your reputation as well as long run clients. In todays fast pace industry connection isn’t enough- too much is out there on the web; making friends and keeping those friends is the way to go.

Don’t make the mistake of thinking – well 5 likes or 100 followers wont help me NOW to get that gig. Let your community build your online presence and if you are as good as you think/say you are you will still get where you want to be.


xoxo R!



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